What To Do When You Take A Break From Creating Content

We have all been here.

The place where we aren’t interested in creating new content. The reason doesn’t matter as we are all going to have our own unique reasons for not showing up.

This is a part of the journey.

What can you do when you aren’t creating new content to continue to build everything you have been working hard towards? 

That is what today’s blog post is going to be all about.


This has been my mood for over a month now. 

Everything that I start to put on paper feels forced, and I just don’t have the energy to create the content that once brought me joy. 

Walking away is an option, and honestly, one that I am thinking about. BUT there is a big piece of me telling me that this isn’t the end. Despite how I am currently feeling.

Feeling like this isn’t new to me. 

I find that when I am deep into healing a piece of me that has yet to be touched, I find putting everything into words difficult.

I find that when I get stuck in the mode of content consumption, that little voice inside tells me that I shouldn’t be doing what I am doing. I don’t know as much as this or that person. And so, I just stop creating.

Currently, it is a little bit of both of these. I am in the process of healing something dark that I can’t yet name because I just don’t know where it came from. I am also in the headspace of comparison. Thinking that what I do, doesn’t matter and is no good in comparison to the thousands of others who are also doing what I do.

As these words come out, part of me feels ashamed for thinking this but I do know that this is part of my journey. This is part of what I am supposed to teach those who come to my blog to learn or feel a little less alone. 

Without creating new content, how can I continue to show people that I am still around? 

I won’t lie, this blog post is also a little bit of a kick in the pants for myself as well. A reminder that even when I am working through shit, I can still show up in an authentic way for my audience and for myself.

Imposter syndrome has taken over and in my last blog, I talk about my struggle with it.


Remember that this is only advice. I am here to help you build and share the creative content that you work so hard to create. If there is something you don’t like or even don’t agree with, well then, don’t do it.

My philosophy is simple.

Do the things that bring you joy. 

Create a plan for what works for you and even when you aren’t creating new content, continue to show up in a way that YOU can manage. 

Idea #1: I want you to go right now to your IG account. How many posts do you have there? 

I have 1,947 posts. 

How many do you think my followers remember?

Maybe 1 or 2 or even the top 3 posts. 

This isn’t a crack at my ability or your ability to create content. Instead, it is meant to show you that we create and create and create, and social media moves so fast, no one remembers what we shared last week. 

Think about it for a minute. If you post every day, in a week, the post you share today will be buried under six days of new content. 

Take the content you created two years ago, a year ago, or even six months ago, and turn it into new content. Revamp it and reshare it. 

This goes for your blog posts as well. 

How many blog posts do you have sitting on your website that you haven’t shared since the day you wrote them?

Too many to think about. 

When you aren’t creating content, jump back into the content that you have already created and share it again. 

Idea #2: We often get so consumed by creating content for ourselves that we forget that we can collaborate with those around us. 

Focusing on collaboration when you aren’t creating your own content is a great way to get in front of new audiences. 

In what ways can you collaborate without having to create new content?

  • Turn a blog post into an infographic and ask others to share it.
  • Reach out to someone in your niche and do an IG stories takeover. You can use your previous content and recreate it for them. 
  • Take a YouTube video and turn it into a reel and share it with someone in your shoulder niches. 

You can also ask others to create content for your platforms. Remember that when inviting others to create for your platforms, they are relevant to your audience. You want to bring people in who are going to help support and teach your audience.

  • Invite people to write guest blogs for your website.
  • Ask someone to take over your IG for a day.

Idea #3: Focus on shorter-form content that doesn’t feel so overwhelming.

When taking a break from creating content, it doesn’t mean that you need to give up all forms of creation.

  • If you want to walk away from writing blog posts, focus on creating videos.
  • If you want to walk away from creating social media content, focus on creating blog posts.

There are so many different ways that you can create content that will help keep you connected to your audience.

These are three simple ways that you can continue to build your audience while taking a break from creating content. Do you have a way that you use to stay connected while taking a break?

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What To Do When You Take A Break From Creating Content

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