August Advancements: Pioneering Strategies for Goal Fulfillment

I have been on a roll with setting my goals. The last few blog posts have been focused on the different goals that I am working towards. It made me realize that I shared all of them but have never really spoken about the strategies that I use when I am working towards reaching them. 

This blog post is going to share the strategies for reaching the goals that I set for myself in August. We will be talking about my business, blogging, and personal goals. 

We will cover each goal throughout this blog post but if you would like to read the post itself, you can grab that here and read all about my August goals.


Before I break down what I am doing for each goal, I want to break down what the different components are to creating your strategy when it comes to setting goals. 

These pieces are going to help you break your goal down even more to make it easier to know HOW to get to where you want to be. 

Defining clear objectives

Before you can even take a step forward, you need to have a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish. For August, I know the goals that I am working towards in each different category including blogging, business, and personal. This clarity is going to help guide my efforts in the right direction.

Prioritize tasks

You have your list of goals for August and are excited to jump in. Your monthly goals can be working towards larger and longer-term goals that you are working on. This is going to help to break them into smaller and more manageable. 

I set two to three goals per category each month so that I can make steady progress toward my dreams!

Creating a well-structured plan

I find that this can sometimes be the hardest part of reaching your goals. Creating a plan to make those goals come to life. A well-structured plan is going to serve as your roadmap to success. 

A few things to include in your plan…

  • Deadlines
  • Milestones
  • Action steps to help you reach your goals

Included in this can be specific daily and weekly targets. By creating this roadmap, I stay on track and it gives me direction as I go through the month.

Strategies For Goal Fulfillment

Use time management strategies

I have a lot of things going on including working a full-time job, being a mom to three children, and we have a new puppy at home. You can say that things are a little hectic. BUT I will not let these parts of my life interfere with the goals that I am working on. 

My kids are a huge reason why I am building my own business and I want to show them that dreams can come true.

This means that I need to know how much time in a day I have to work on things. There are only so many spare moments that I have and in order to get anything done, I need to know exactly what I am doing and when I am doing it. 

A few things that help me stay on track…

  • Organizing my day ahead of time so that I know how much time I have to work on my goals
  • Create a list of things that I would like to get done
  • Tell my family what I am working on so that they know I may be busy
  • Plan for downtime so that I can recharge and not burn out

Seek accountability

This is why I share my goals monthly. It helps me to know that others out there know what I am working towards. You can choose to share your goals with a friend or a family member. Heck, I’d love to be your accountability partner if you need one!!

Building up consistency

This is the BIGGEST tip that I can give you! 

Consistency is the key to turning your goals into reality. I am committed to working consistently towards my goals even when I just don’t want to do it. This persistence builds momentum and keeps me moving forward.

Celebrate milestones

We don’t celebrate things enough. 

We feel that we need to wait until we reach the end goal before we can begin to celebrate. This is just not true!

I love celebrating and when I show you my strategies for each goal, I will take a moment to tell you all that is going well. I even celebrate when I share the monthly goals posts as I review the month prior. 

Celebrating is a great motivator so what can you celebrate on this eleventh day of the month about your August goals?


Now is the time to break down my goals with different things that I am doing so that you can see how I am working on my goals.  Here are the business goals that I am working towards and the strategies I am using to reach these goals.

Goal 1: Get 2 women signed up for my Blogology group coaching program

With this goal, I am starting to create social media content around what this program offers. This will include…

  • Testimonials from previous clients
  • Different stages of the coaching program 
  • Sharing the benefits of the program
  • Generally talking more about the program and why I offer it

Goal 2: Have a book-reading event

To get my book out there more, I have been creating Pinterest pins that share different poems that I have included in the book. 

I am also in the process of creating bookmarks and artwork from specific poems in the book so that I can share them. I plan to record myself reading one of the poems and sharing that as an IG reel. 

I haven’t yet found a location for the book event so I am still researching and hoping to find a location in the next couple of weeks.

Here are the blogging goals that I am working on and the strategies I am using to reach these goals.

Goal 1: Get my traffic up 10x than what it currently is

I am excited about this goal and I am working on it every single day. Here is what I am doing to help me achieve this goal.

I am getting consistent with posting 2 new blog posts per week. There are some days that I just don’t feel like writing but I am getting it done. Building my blog back up is important to me because I know that it is going to help me reach other goals that I am working towards.

I am going into Facebook groups and sharing any way that I can. I am getting my name out there and that means that it takes time to build this up again. I am an active participant and when I share something, I ensure that I take the time to engage with other members who are doing the same thing.

I am working on creating guest blog posts. A great way to get more traffic to your site is to show up on other people’s websites or other forms of content like podcasts. This way you can get in front of an established audience and build your blog with them.

Currently, I am up by 1.7x and I want my traffic up by 10x the amount. I am getting there and I will continue to build up this traffic. 

Goal 2: Write a guest blog post for someone

I covered this already but my goal is to write one to two guest blog posts per month. This weekend, I will be submitting some posts to other bloggers so that I can get some published.

For this goal, I have a list created of other bloggers that I want to guest blog for and I am coming up with ideas to send them. I will send them ideas BEFORE I send them a blog post. That way we can be on the same page before any work is completed.

Now let’s talk about my personal goals. I have set some pretty big personal goals this month and I have even created my list of 101 goals in 1001 days that I am working towards. 

Everything feels like it is falling into place and I am excited to be focusing so much of my energy on self-care. 

Goal 1: Beat my husband in our wellness challenge

I am proud of the progress that I am making in our wellness challenge. I am not at 100% daily and haven’t yet been that but the best I have done is 86%. There are some of the daily habits that I am doing really well with and there are some that I am struggling with and have either not done them at all or very rarely.

However, I am beating my husband so far. 

When it comes to this wellness challenge, I am making sure that I have things ready so that it takes the thinking out of the challenge. For example, I have my gratitude notebook on my bedside table so before I go to bed, I grab it and write in it for the day. 

I have also created a little “alter” on my bedside table so that I can easily meditate before I go to bed. I light a candle and sit on the beautiful fur rug that my husband bought me for Christmas. I set my timer on Insight Timer and I meditate right before bed. 

By taking these small actions, I am noticing that I do the tasks easier. 

If you want to join the challenge with us, download the tracker that I created! I would love to see how you do! Once the challenge ends on September 15, 2023, I will pick a winner from those who send me what they completed during the challenge. 

Goal 2: Start my savings plan

This I am so excited about. It feels good to see money sitting in my savings account.

To help me achieve this goal, this is the first thing that I do when I get paid. I know that I can set it up so it does it automatically but honestly, I love moving the money myself so I don’t have it automatically set up. 

I now budget for this when creating my paycheck budget biweekly and that helps. When I see it written down, I am more likely do to it.

As August progresses, I am fully committed to my goals and to continue to show up for myself in ways that I haven’t done so in the past. The combination of effective planning, time management, and consistency is propelling me towards my desired outcomes.

By staying focused and dedicated, I’m confident that I will be celebrating the end of the month with a sense of accomplishment and completed goals!

Building A Strategy, Goals




August Advancements: Pioneering Strategies for Goal Fulfillment

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9 months ago

This is all such wise advise! Great detailed recommendations – thanks for sharing!

9 months ago

I love love love this! It’s like a roadmap for success, it is great. The accountability is a huge one for sure, that is what I am missing.

9 months ago

Wow, you have a solid plan to start your savings journey! It’s great to hear that you’re taking an active role in moving the money yourself. Seeing the money grow in your savings account can be rewarding. Budgeting for it and writing it down is a great way to hold yourself accountable and stay on track. Keep up the commitment and focus, and I do not doubt that you’ll reach your goals before you know it!

9 months ago

That is wonderful advice, the recommendations are very well thought through. I must admit I hardly have anything else unclear and left to ask. Great job!

9 months ago

It sounds like you have a great plan to promote your book and increase traffic to your blog. I think it’s a brilliant idea to create Pinterest pins and share your poems as IG reels to get your work out there. It’s also great that you’re actively participating in Facebook groups and looking to write guest blog posts to reach a wider audience. It’s clear that you’re putting in a lot of effort to achieve your goals, and I wish you the best of luck in your wellness challenge and savings plan. Keep up the excellent work!

Richard Lowe
9 months ago

It sounds like you have some great goals. I know you’ll exceed your expectations.

Ambuj Saxena
9 months ago

I enjoy celebrating milestones the most in the process! Jokes aside, you have set out the right steps for goal fulfillment!

9 months ago

I am absolutely loving these recommendations. Such a great read.

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