March Review And April Business Goals

March flew by. I think I may still be trying to catch my breath and I am currently working on reviewing my blogging and business goals. Last month I said that writing this monthly blog post was keeping me on track and accountable for the goals that I am working towards. So here we go again!

I would love to hear in the comments how your March went!


If you want to read up on the goals that I was working towards, you can read the blog post all about them now. 

There were some things that went really well in March and there were some things that I struggled with in March.

I am continuing to make lunches for my boss and am enjoying it. When she isn’t there, I do struggle to bring my own lunch so having that accountability has made a HUGE difference. I did eat out a few times but it was way less than I normally would so that is a big step forward.

I will continue to build on this goal throughout the month of April.

I have been meditating. I am almost at every single day but I am struggling with silent meditations. Every morning I wake up and do a guided meditation and every evening I do a guided meditation before bed. I need to find a good time to do a silent meditation that works with my schedule.

As for reading, I have been reading but not every single day. I have a few books that I want to see if the local library has so that I can find something that sparks my interest again. Currently, I am reading, The Last To Vanish. I have been reading it for a few weeks. It is good but I am having a hard time finishing it. 

Blogging and business goals to set. An open laptop computer on a desk.

As for my blogging goals, I have made some progress but didn’t reach 100% of my goals.

I didn’t blog twice per week as I wanted but I have been doing it almost once a week. I am getting back into the habit. It feels good to write again but it has been a struggle.

For my book, I have reread what I have written and am not sure where to take it from where I currently have it. I am not sure if I am just stuck in my head or if I shouldn’t finish the book. Time will tell.

I have more work to do when it comes to my blogging goals as most of them I didn’t come close to but I am dedicated to making all of this work. 


I have finished my taxes and submitted them and I am so proud of the growth that I saw in my business in 2022. I feel like we always forget how much growth we are doing because sometimes it can feel like it is going so much slower than we want. 

For 2022, I made over $10K in my business for the first time EVER!!!! I am so incredibly proud of the work that I do and all of the progress that I have made. Here is to 2023 being even better!!

Blogging goals for the month of April

1. Set aside time to write blog posts. This is going to help me really focus on writing and getting content scheduled ahead of time. I currently have Sundays set aside to work on other aspects of my business so I am going to set aside time on Tuesday evenings to get blog posts written. 

2. Reach out to three people to do guest blog posts. My Empoword Blogging blog is starting to take off and I really want to focus on growing that as I have my blog coaching program starting May 1. I will be reaching out to do one or two blog posts for that blog and focus on getting one guest blog post for my Creative Purpose brand. 

Those are the only two goals that I am setting for blogging so I can focus on writing and getting these done. 

Business goals for the month of April

1. Get women signed up for my Blogology course. If you are ready to start your blog, sign up here. We start May 1. Blogology is a 7-week group coaching program where you will learn everything you need to about starting your own blog.

2. Host two masterclasses in my Facebook group. I have one scheduled to happen on April 10 about content creation. Want to learn how to create your creative content around your blog posts, join Becoming The Blogger Within.

3. Get one more small business client. I love helping small businesses with their content creation and am looking to start with one more business. I don’t take two of the same types of clients and currently, the client that I work with is a law firm so any other type of small business, I would love to work with. If you are looking for help in creating your social media content, reach out and I would love to help. I have a specific package geared towards small businesses and I can make a unique package for what you are looking for.

4. I want to start getting paid for guest coaching. I have done workshops that are unpaid and I would love to figure out how to start getting these workshops paid for. If you have any tips on how to do this, I would love to hear them because I really have no idea where to begin.

Those are my blogging and business goals for the month of April. I would love to hear yours below. It helps to keep us accountable when we have the support of others. 

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March Review And April Business Goals

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