How to Create Your Blogging Brand

I am sure by now, most of us have heard of the term brand. Entrepreneurs, large corporations, influencers, bloggers, and almost anyone is building a brand for themselves. This is something that I never gave a thought to when I first began blogging BUT it didn’t mean that I wasn’t building one when I wasn’t aware of it.

What does building your brand mean?

It means that you are establishing yourself and your company as the expert or source of what your ideal client is needing. Branding is also the perception that your customers and ideal clients have of your business.

If you are ready to begin your blog, I want you to answer a few of these questions in order to get to know, define, and execute your vision when it comes to creating your brand. I believe the best place to start with your brand is to answer these questions.

What could you talk about for hours?

What you are passionate about and want to share with the world?

Are your passions and knowledge connected?

Do you need more training in any area that you are passionate about?

How do you feel when you share your passion?

You have to fall in love with your brand but more importantly, your ideal readers have to fall in love with your brand. In order for this to happen, you truly have to know who your ideal reader is. This could come easy for you or it may require some brainstorming. Your ideal reader may even change over time so begin with these questions.

Who is my ideal reader?

Is my ideal reader male or female or both?

What problems do my readers have?

What problems can I solve for my potential readers?

When my ideal reader comes to my website, how do I want them to feel?

How can I be of service to my ideal reader?

I would also look at your competition when it comes to branding. I hate the word competition but let’s look at other bloggers like this for a moment. Once you know what you are going to cover on your blog, it is time to put Google to work.

What blogs also talk about the topics I want to cover?

What do I love about those blogs?

What do I dislike about those blogs?

How did those blogs make me feel as a reader?

Is that how I want my readers to feel when they come to my website?

As a reader, what my first impression of this website?

Was I craving more of something?

A white brick wall with a desk in front of it.  On the desk there is an empty frame with plants and books.

Answering all of these questions will give you a great starting point when it comes to creating your blogging brand. Let’s now get to the fun stuff of branding. Let’s talk about the colours of your website. For Creative Purpose, it took me FOREVER to create the mood board for it. I was struggling so much with colour and how it was going to attract my ideal client. Eventually, I did get it but it is a process.

If you are looking for inspiration when it comes to colour, I have a Pinterest board dedicated to mood boards. I would suggest using this website to help you find the HEX codes for the colours that you choose. Grab a notebook and write the HEX codes down. I would then head to Canva to create your own mood board. There will be some colours that don’t look as good together as you thought.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when it comes to choosing your brand colours.

What colours are you attracted to?

What sex is your ideal reader?

How do you want your reader to feel when they see the colours of your brand?

When you first begin your blog, you do not need to have a logo but you certainly can. This will allow you to put your logo on your social media accounts that are associated with your blog. This will help to create a cohesive brand image throughout every account that you are on.

Questions to ask yourself when trying to design a logo.

When my reader sees my logo, what do I want them to think about?

Do I want a simple logo or something more complex?

In brands that I love, what draws me to their logo?

Can I easily incorporate my brand colours into my logo?

Do I want my blog name in my logo?

Will my logo attract my ideal reader?

Is my logo memorable?

Creating your blogging brand means truly getting to know who you are as a blogger and person. You want to be able to show yourself in your brand as much as possible. Don’t copy your competitors. Be true to yourself. This is the reason that brands excel. They don’t hide behind their brand. They are their brand.

Remember that your branding isn’t only about the colours on your website and the logo that you created. It is about the feeling that your website brings to your readers. It is about how you are as a person. It is about how YOU make your readers feel.

I hope that these questions help you to begin creating the brand that you envision. If you are looking to get more in-depth help with creating your brand and getting your blog started, I still have spots available in my Blogology 7 week course that begins on June 23rd. I would love to give you my years of experience to help you get your blog off the ground.

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How to Create Your Blogging Brand

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