Blogging Results with an Insider Look

When Iris walked into my life, I had no idea how much she would influence my life. She was coming to me to help her but like any amazing relationship, the help goes both ways.

I think some people think that coaching is all about telling them the solutions that they need to use. When in fact, coaching is more about listening. Listening to what it is that your client is struggling with and guiding them to the choices that they already know. It also means putting aside what YOU want to accomplish and listen to what YOUR CLIENT wants to accomplish.

Iris is probably the epitome of my ideal client. She listened to my suggestions. The suggestions that I came up with by listening to the words that she was telling me.

She did the work. Oh, this is the BIGGEST piece of the puzzle when working with a coach of any kind. You need to do the work. Whether it is inner work or work on your business (a tip, it WILL BE BOTH OF THOSE!). Iris took everything that I said and implemented it in a way that suited her life, her blog and now her business.


I call Iris, my first stranger client. She is the first person that came to me that wasn’t through a recommendation. I remember her message so clearly. She messaged me through IG and had asked which of my programs would be the best for her.

I broke each one down and she responded that she wanted to do the 1:1 coaching. I remember standing in my kitchen area and jumping up and down. I was so excited that I had finally gotten my FIRST STRANGER CLIENT.

The night that she paid, I remember celebrating. I took my kids out to IHOP and we had the BEST time. We laughed the entire meal and when it came time to pay, I couldn’t pay fast enough. I HAD FINALLY MADE IT!!

A blogging client shares her experience of working with me.

We started the week after. There is something about Iris. I can’t put words to it but she is full of so much power that she didn’t even realize she had. She was hiding behind her social media. She didn’t show her face. No one knew who she was despite ALL of the amazing things she was talking about.

We dug in. We started with her vision and her why because THAT IS THE POINT YOU SHOULD ALWAYS BEGIN AT!! Your vision and your goals may change along the way but YOUR WHY will always remain consistent if you dig deep enough to find it.

As I look back on her notes, her vision is to create a healing space for anyone who has gone through toxic relationships. She wants to talk openly about mental illness and end the stigma that goes with it. She has a unique position of being a veteran as well as a woman who has dealt with domestic violence.


Iris was a bit reserved in the beginning. She was sharing pieces of herself but she was still hiding. There was this need to talk about things but still be polite about it even though deep down you could feel that she wanted to let it all out.

Over the three months of working together, the biggest transformation that I have witnessed is her breaking out of hiding. She is showing up. She is helping women through her messages of thriving. She has fully stepped into the power of her past and is teaching women how to love themselves to end the cycle of toxic relationships.

When we began working together, she has a book that she had written. That was her only source of income through her website. She wasn’t even using it to her advantage but she began to get the book out there and has AMAZING reviews on her book. It is a MUST-READ!!

In her vision when we started working together, we created 30-day goals, 3 month, 6 month and 12-month goals for her to work towards. One of those visions was to create journals around certain topics. These journals are now her biggest source of income. Seriously she makes the MOST BEAUTIFUL journals that you can imagine. Go and support her shop.

In the last couple of months, she has decided that she wants to create a coaching program around toxic relationships. She is now creating programs to help women end this cycle and to learn to love themselves. She has taken her story, her past and her experiences and turned them into a COACHING PROGRAM called CATCH.

During our weekly calls, we would talk about the wins but we would also talk about the struggles. Struggles are a part of the healing, blogging and life process. We all have them. We would discuss strategy and create a plan to overcome the struggles to keep her on track.

After our three months of working together, her blog numbers had exploded and she had seen so much growth. She had a 440% increase in views from August numbers to October numbers.

To this day, I still check in with her and we talk about the struggles she is facing and the moments when she wants to give up. She has come too far to quit now. She is changing this world because she decided to stand in her power and show others that healing is possible. If you want to hear in her words about her experience of working with me, check out her latest blog post, Working with Samantha Laycock.

When you question whether your story matters or not, I want you to think of me and Iris. I want you to know that YOUR STORY DOES MATTER! That somewhere out there, someone needs to hear your story. Someone needs to see your story of survival and how you overcame it. They need your personal experience to let them know that they ARE strong enough to overcome what they are currently living through.

To share our stories means giving the world a chance to become a better place.

To share our stories means we are no longer giving them the power that they crave.

To share our stories means giving someone else a voice who currently doesn’t have one.

Are you ready to feel that transformation? The transformation from questioning who you are to standing in your power and showing others that their transformation is right around the corner. YOU DESERVE THAT TRANSFORMATION!

Your future self is ready for you to begin today. If you sign up for the Fierce Growth Accelerator by February 21, 2021, you will get these EARLY BIRD BONUSES…

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Plus did you know I am also offering a VIP option for the Fierce Growth Accelerator? It is jam-packed with so much more than the Basic option.

With the VIP option, you will get…

  1. 12 weekly group coaching sessions. Value of $2700
  2. Voxer group chat. Value of $2000
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Don’t wait any longer to start your transformation. Sign up today so you no longer have to walk through the transformation process alone. I have been where you are and I know how lonely it can be. Let me be there for you.

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Blogging Results with an Insider Look

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