10 Skills to Master as a Blogger

Mastering skills brings me back to my high school days. Whether it was basketball, volleyball or softball, it was all about mastering the skills that helped you become a better athlete. Whether it was testing, being class President or speaking in front of a crowd, it was about mastering the skills that helped you become a better student.

Everyone is trying to master skills to make them better at different pieces in their lives.

I am trying to master waking up at 6:30.

I am trying to master doing morning yoga.

I am trying to master business strategy.

I am trying to master creating digital products.

Every single day I am trying to do something to help me master a piece of myself or my business. Today I want to talk about skills that you should master as a blogger. You have a beautiful blog and these skills are going to help you to build that blog.

Skills to learn to master blogging.

I want to take a moment to remind you that mastering these skills will take time. It is a learning process and you aren’t looking to be perfect. You are looking to learn and gain experiences that are going to help you create a meaningful and balanced blog. These blogging skills are going to help you simplify, organize and grow your blog so that it fits into your life.


I love blogging. I think EVERY woman should have a blog to share her wealth of knowledge. Each and every one of us gets to experience life in a different way and it is time for us to share those experiences with the world.

When I started blogging in 2014, I didn’t know anything about blogging. It took months and years for me to do the research and to learn as I went. It was all about imperfect action.

You may not have any idea on what you need to know to start a blog BUT I do not want that to stop you. I am going to share with you the 10 blogging skills that I believe will help you to build a successful blog.

SKILL ONE | Learn the basics of setting up your own website. I am a HUGE believer that everyone who has a website should at least know how the basics work. This will allow you to problem solve and fix something if it comes up and not have you relying on someone else to do it for you. You will not be able to fix everything on your own but knowing how to do the basics, is a great way to begin.

What are the basics of website setup that you should know?

  1. Registering your domain name.
  2. Setting up SEO description for each page.
  3. Creating new website pages.
  4. Adding a blog page to your website.
  5. Changing your website HEX codes.
  6. Setting up your page info.
  7. Changing the URL slug on pages.
  8. Changing the page’s title tags.
  9. Writing your meta-descriptions for each page.
  10. Where to add on-page SEO for your website pages.

SKILL TWO | Sharing your story. For some, this skill comes easier to others but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to do if you struggle with it. Learning how to share your story is going to be a skill that takes your blog posts to the next level.

Blogging is all about connection and creating a community. Storytelling is the best way to build both of those. Humans have been storytelling for thousands of years and that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

A few tips to help you with storytelling are…

  1. Know who your audience is. What do they want to know? How do they speak?
  2. Be vulnerable. We connect when others are vulnerable and truthful in their story. Don’t be afraid to show your audience those pieces of yourself.
  3. Know how much you are comfortable with sharing. This will differ for everyone. Your comfort level will also probably change as you begin to grow comfortable within your own story. You do not need to share everything to make an impact.
  4. Break your story up into teachable moments. This will help to ensure that the story you are sharing is aligned with what you are trying to teach your audience.

SKILL THREE | Blog Organization. This is incredibly important because blogging is filled with many different moving parts. If you are not organized, you will easily get overwhelmed and want to walk away.

There are many different important pieces to keep your blog organized. From knowing when you are going to publish to your social media, every piece of the blogging puzzle is important. There are many tools that you can use and even ones that I created.

  1. Your Ultimate Blogging Planner
  2. Blog Post Creation Map
  3. Weekly Content Planner

Keeping your blog organized will help you simplify the blogging process. It is going to help keep you on track and know what you need to do every step along the way.

SKILL FOUR | Relationship Building. To grow your blog, you will need to use collaborations. You will want to reach out to other bloggers in your niche and in all your shoulder niches. This way, you can get in front of already established audiences and start building relationships with those bloggers and their audiences.

Remember connection and community are two of the biggest pillars of blogging. Those are built on relationships.

SKILL FIVE | Writing Skills. Writing is a HUGE part of blogging but I don’t want you to get discouraged if you aren’t the greatest writer that there is. With practice, you will get better. That is why it is a skill to master. Remember, there are also apps that will help you with writing, like Grammarly.

Your writing will continue to get better if you keep going.

SKILL SIX | Creating Graphics. Learning how to create your own graphics is such a needed skill when it comes to blogging. Whether it is the graphics for your blog post or for your social media, knowing how to use Canva is going to help you grow your blog.

This is such a fun part of the process to learn. Play around with colours and fonts. Have fun with the graphics. Let them show your personality and the personality of your brand.

SKILL SEVEN | Social Networking Skills. Social media helps you to grow your blog. Knowing how to talk to your ideal reader through your social media is going to help grow your blog. You want your social media to complement your blog and to constantly be bringing your followers back there.

Social media is a great way to talk directly to your audience and connect with them. Ask them questions. Get to know them. Let them get to know you. Social media is meant to be a social platform. Interact with your followers and make them feel special. Here are ways to help you use social media alongside your blog.

SKILL EIGHT | Basic SEO skills. SEO is an ever-changing game that will never stop changing. SEO is a complicated process but knowing the basics is going to help you get your blog started on the right foundation.

You DO NOT need to know every piece of the SEO process. Just begin and you will learn SEO along the way.

SEO is important to blogging but I also want you to remember that speaking the language that your ideal reader is speaking is going to be one of the most important pieces. Please do not let the thought of not knowing enough SEO to stop you from starting your own blog.

SKILL NINE | Time Management. This may take some weeks to figure out and to tweak but you need to be in charge of your time. Again, blogging has so many moving parts that if you aren’t in control of your time, it will control you. There will never be enough time to do all of the things.

I recommend for the first 2-3 weeks, keeping track of how long blogging tasks take you. Write everything down. From how long it takes you to plan content to writing a blog post to create and scheduling social media posts. This will allow you to be able to schedule your days according to how much time your tasks take.

SKILL TEN | Organizing your thoughts. In order to get your message across, you need to ensure that you can organize your thoughts. This means that your blog post is going to make sense and be organized for your readers to understand what you are teaching them.

You do not want your blog post to feel scattered and incomplete. Learning how to organize your blog post is going to come with practice. The more you write, the more you are going to understand how to do this. Here are some tips to help make your blog easier to read.

I can teach you and show you how I organize my blog posts but that doesn’t mean that it is going to work for you or your audience. Using the blog post creation map is going to help you get all of the thoughts out of your head BEFORE you begin to write.

Those are the ten skills that I think you need to master as a blogger. These skills are going to take time to learn and refine. Blogging is a long-term game and you have time to incorporate all of these skills into your blogging journey.

If you are ready to learn how to blog but do not know where to start, I have two programs starting in September.

Blogfluent is a 3-month program where I will help you set up your website and walk you through every piece of the blogging puzzle. In this program, you will get a one-hour group coaching call every week and once a month, you will get a 1:1 call with me to cover any questions directly related to your blog. We will cover…

  1. Creating your blogging vision
  2. Setting blogging goals around your vision
  3. Creating a content calendar that works for you
  4. Choosing your niche
  5. Keywords & Categories
  6. Setting up your blogging website
  7. Choosing your blog branding colours
  8. Elements of a blog post
  9. Blogging SEO
  10. All things social media
  11. Publish your website
  12. Blogging tools & email lists

Blogfluent begins on Monday, September 20, 2021.

Blogging Fundamentals is a 6-week program that walks you through a different fundamental each and every week. We will cover…

  1. Creating blogging goals
  2. Choosing your niche
  3. Keywords and Categories
  4. Basics of SEO
  5. Elements of a blog post
  6. Setting up your social media platforms

This program will be one hour in length each week. It begins Wednesday, September 22, 2021.

What skill are you wanting to learn in the last few months of 2021?

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10 Skills to Master as a Blogger

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