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Social media, content creation and everything that goes along with that drains your energy the second that you think about all of it.

Your business needs it but YOU just DO NOT have the creative energy to focus on it.  Plus you LOVE other parts of your business more.  

You are ready to start delegating business tasks to someone else BUT finding someone that cares about your business as much as you do, can be difficult.

Creative Purpose is all about building up your brand awareness, upleveling your content and helping you grow your business in a way that aligns with who you are.

Let me collaborate with you so that you can begin to build and grow your business in YOUR vision while also maintaining your passion and purpose.

Let me be the creative force behind your content so that you can focus on all the other pieces.

Are you a woman-owned small business looking to uplevel your content?

Creative Purpose Services 

I LOVE small businesses. Especially women-owned small businesses.  From the time I started my first business in 2016 to now, women-owned small businesses are my jam! 

I see the passion that you have.
I see the dreams you are bringing to life. 
I see the future that you are imagining.

I help women-owned small businesses create content that encompasses who they are as a person and as a business. You are not just one thing and you want to showcase all of those pieces within your content. 

I help you to uplevel your content by staying true to who you are as a business owner, as a woman, and as a dreamer. I offer social media content packages that help you get rid of the stress of trying to keep up with social media content and all of the different platforms that you should be showing up on.

You enjoy the other pieces of your business better and I help you to create more time and energy so you can do all of the things that you enjoy!

Every month, you will get content created specifically for your business. Not only that, I will post that content to your social media platforms and do the engagement piece of the social media puzzle for you as well. 

When you have me on your team, you do not have to worry about creating content because that is what you hired me to do.​

social media content creation

Go from feeling overwhelmed by the thought of social media content to having your brand shine through with content created specifically for your brand.

I help women who are overwhelmed or even confused by social media become free of the idea of having to show up to do it themselves. 

My genius is helping to bring out who you are through your content while teaching your audience what it is that you do best. Let me bring my creative genius into your business and help you take content creation off of your plate.

Do you question what to post on social media on a daily basis?
Do you know that you should be on social media but you just do not enjoy it?

You want clarity on what you should be posting.
You want the overwhelm to go away because you just don’t have the time to even think about posting to social media, let alone actually creating the content that you should be putting out into the world. 

You begin to feel like you are lacking in your business. 
You begin to feel like your business is never going to grow.
You begin to feel like you are always going to be the best-kept secret. 

So after a few days of posting to your social media platforms, you let it slide. It just doesn’t bring you joy. Instead, it brings you grief and confusion so you walk away. You stop posting to your social media and your business just stops showing up. 

Not because you don’t want to be there but because it is just too much for you to do.

This isn’t because you are failing at social media. It is because you just don’t enjoy it. You didn’t start your business to create endless social media posts. You created your business to bring your products or services to those who need them. 

Social media is a necessary part of every business nowadays and I can help you to alleviate that feeling of not being good enough. 

Imagine waking up and seeing your Instagram feed filled with graphics and content that is teaching your clients who you are and what it is that you do.
Imagine waking up and seeing the impact that you are making by showing up on your social media platforms without having to do all of the work.
Imagine your traffic increasing to your website because your social media is now consistent and in line with who you are and what it is that you do. 

You want to make a mark and BE consistent without the overwhelm and confusion that it is currently bringing to you.

You no longer have to worry about showing up because I am there showing up for you. 

Every day, I am on your platforms, engaging in different ways with your audience. 
Every day, I am sharing new and fresh content that has been created specifically for your business. 
Every day, you look at your platforms and smile because you can see the content that is being created and shared without you having to think twice about it.

Now is the time to let me help you and your business. Let me give you your time back so that you don’t have to continue to worry about your social media presence. 

We will work together to create and bring your vision to life. Every month, I will create graphics and written content for your social media platforms. All you need to do is approve the content and the rest is done by me. 

You look at the Trello board that is filled with content that was created for your business only, approve it, and for the rest of the month, I post it and engage on your platforms to help you show up on social media. 

Here is a step by step process of how I can help you with your social media content.

I create a list of topics that I will cover for the 30 days on your social media platforms.
You can add to that list.

I will research the topics and write out the content that will go on your social media platforms.
I will create all of the graphics for your social media platforms.
I will schedule and post all of the content to your social media platforms.

I will engage on your different social media platforms BECAUSE this is the piece that is truly going to help you to grow.

You want to have social media platforms that are consistent and showing off your business. 
You want to have content that encompasses who you are as a business and as a woman.
You want to have all of this without putting in hours of your time every single week because you just don’t enjoy it. 
You want to experience more ease and flow with your business and social media is your stumbling block.

I show up for you without anyone knowing that it is me showing up for you. No one needs to know that it is me that is creating your content. This content is meant to showcase your business and that is what I do. 

Every month, you get content that is for your business only. I do not create the same content over and over for other clients. The content that you receive has been created for you and only for you. 

You no longer have to worry about showing up on your social media platforms. That is what I do for you so that you can easily fall in love with your business again and forget all about your social media.

Imagine being able to focus only on the parts of your business that you enjoy.
Imagine going to your social media platforms and seeing content consistently being shared.

Now is the time to start this process. You know deep down the amount of stress that creating your content brings. Reach out to me today and we can get started right away. 

All that you need to do is hit the button below to get started. Book your call and we can discuss how I can help you build your social media presence. If you are local to the Calgary and surrounding area, we can even meet in person to discuss how I can help you. 

My service has been created specifically for small businesses. So let’s chat and get started!

Every month you will receive your content and graphics inside a Trello board. It will be broken up into the different social media platforms so you can easily see what days each piece of content will be shared. 

You will also receive a monthly email with your analytics for the previous month. Numbers are important for entrepreneurs so reviewing the numbers is an important piece of the puzzle.

Hit the button now and let’s get started working together. I can’t wait to learn more about you and your business. Now is the time to get rid of the stress that content creation brings you and let me work my magic!

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Iris - Blogger

I was ready to give up blogging and try again in the 9-5 world. Not only is my blog profitable, but I’m also branching into coaching, too! Thanks so much, Samantha!!

Samantha made such an impact, not only on my social media but my life!


Sam offers a blogging course like no other. She teaches the basics of building a successful blog and takes it to another level by addressing marketing aspects and analytics that I never would have considered.

Working with Samantha through the Blogology course has truly been a gift.  

Healing coach

and social media interaction. She's very kind and methodical in her approach to teaching.

Samantha's coaching has been instrumental in improving my blog

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