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You didn't start your business to be consumed by the social media aspects, the blogging aspects, and everything else related to your creative content.

So why continue to consume yourself with all of these tasks? 

When it comes to your creative content, are you feeling overwhelmed, confused, or just down right annoyed by having to consistently create content to share with your audience?

Let me give you

your time back

That's where I come in...

  • Dedicated engagement for different platforms

social media engagement

  • Small business blogging workshop that can be added to your business coaching program

guest coaching

  • Monthly blog posts
  • Blog management
  • Blog outreach


  • Instagram posts and stories
  • FB posts and stories
  • Analytic reporting
  • Pinterest pins
  • LinkedIn posts

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Guest Coaching Services

  • Business blogging workshops
  • Mental health blogging workshops
  • Social media content creation
  • Engagement only packages
  • Strategy sessions

Social Media Services

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  • Freelance blogging
  • Blog coaching
  • Blog outreach
  • Blog management
  • Blog editing and formatting

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Creative Purpose

Iris - Blogger

I was ready to give up blogging and try again in the 9-5 world. Not only is my blog profitable, but I’m also branching into coaching, too! Thanks so much, Samantha!!

Samantha made such an impact, not only on my social media but my life!


Sam offers a blogging course like no other. She teaches the basics of building a successful blog and takes it to another level by addressing marketing aspects and analytics that I never would have considered.

Working with Samantha through the Blogology course has truly been a gift.  

Healing coach

and social media interaction. She's very kind and methodical in her approach to teaching.

Samantha's coaching has been instrumental in improving my blog

I love what I do. You are more than just a client to me. I support you in every way possible and I become your cheerleader. I share your content on my platforms and I reach out to you just to have a conversation. You and your business matter to me and I will support you in every way possible.

Why work with me over other social media content creators?

If you want, we can have a monthly call to go over upcoming products/services that you have. I will create the written content and the graphics and put them in a Trello board that you have access to. You will then be able to go through the content and change things that you want changed.

How do I deliver the content to you?

You can book a discovery call so that we can get to know one another. This gives us some insight on what we both offer so that we can know if we are going to be a great fit. 

What is the first step to work with me?

If you are a social media client, I am going to need your login information for your platforms. This is going to allow me to schedule and post to your social media platforms. 

If you are a blogging client, I will need your email as I will email your drafts to you as a Google Doc for your approval.

What do you need from me to work with me?

I look at the content that you have already created and I also do some research of my own. This way we can brainstorm topic ideas together and have a running list of the content that you want to cover. 

How do you know what type of content to create?

I work with women-owned small businesses. For our collaboration to work, we need to fit together. I do not take the same type of business more than once. I want to ensure that the content that you are getting is unique to you and your business.

What types of businesses do you work with?

i've got answers


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