TweetShareSharePinI love challenges and I feel like it has been a while since I have hosted a blogging challenge so here we are, almost in the middle of October, and we are bringing our A game to end the month.  It is no secret that I have fallen off of the blogging wagon. I have […]

Blogtober: October’s Blogging Challenge

Creative Purpose

TweetShareSharePinJuly was a month full of reflection that I wasn’t prepared for. I had all of these big goals and was ready to return from vacation and set them on fire. Well, that DID NOT happen! Instead, I did a lot of work behind the scenes and within myself. Trying to figure out where I […]

August Goals: Mapping Out A Successful Month

TweetShareSharePinMay 2023 has been one of the hardest months that I have had in a long time. The hits feel like they keep coming and I am trying my hardest to keep everything together. Anyone else feeling the same way?  I have been doing incredible with my blog and am so excited about how much […]

Fueling Creative Growth And Success With Our Blogging Incubator

TweetShareSharePinI love setting goals. I love the whole process. From reviewing what I was able to accomplish the previous year to figure out what I want to accomplish to mapping it all out. I have been trying to figure out the goals that I want to achieve in 2023. Last week I shared my blog […]

Blog and Business Goals For 2023

TweetShareSharePinI can’t believe that it is this time of the year already. Where has 2022 gone? There have been days that have felt like months and then there have been days that have felt like seconds and yet, every year, the time seems to pass by faster. Are you a last-minute shopper or are you […]

Beginner Blogger’s Gift Guide 2022

TweetShareSharePinI love the holidays. Growing up my parents made a big deal of Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was a time when we celebrated with family and made incredible memories that I remember to this day. I grew up with a big family. Well, a big extended family. My dad came from a house that had […]

Content Ideas For The Holiday Season

TweetShareSharePinPinterest. One of the most loved platforms that I use. I have used Pinterest for so long and have never once lost my love for it. I could spend hours on Pinterest scrolling through the beautiful content and not feel an ounce of guilt. I know that I can’t be the only one, right?!?! Pinterest […]

Using Pinterest For Your Creative Content

TweetShareSharePinI LOVE talking about niches. I LOVE helping people figure out their niche. I LOVE breaking down the overwhelming idea of choosing a niche. If you couldn’t tell, we are going to talk niches today!!! There is nothing better than taking someone’s expertise, experiences, and passions and turning them into a niche that is unique […]

Different Niche Ideas You Can Blog In

TweetShareSharePinHow do you show someone who you are as a blogger? Creating a media kit was something that I never considered as a blogger. It wasn’t until I decided to reach out to brands I loved for freelancing, that I had ever given it a thought. I still didn’t know what a media kit was […]

Tips to Create a Blogging Media Kit

TweetShareSharePinOne of my business pillars is organization. I absolutely LOVE showing people how they can easily organize their life and their blogs in easy ways. Who doesn’t want to be more organized?!?!? My life and blog have so many moving parts that if I weren’t organized, I would be completely lost and overwhelmed with what […]

Become Better Organized With These Planners