TweetShareSharePin“I have been blogging for two weeks and I only have a few visitors per day, what am I doing wrong?” “I would love to start blogging, what niche should I blog in that will be profitable?” These are just a couple of the questions that I hear again and again in the blogging groups […]

Blogging 101: Your Ultimate Starter Guide to Mastering the Basics of Blogging

blogging analytics

TweetShareSharePinNumbers matter BUT they can consume us when it comes to blogging, social media content creation, and any other content we are creating. We are always on the lookout for more views, more followers, and more engagements and that is where your analytics will help you.  Analytics will play a crucial role in the success […]

Decoding Performance: Using Analytics to Boost Your Blog’s Results

TweetShareSharePinStarting January off with a productivity challenge is the best way to start the new year, right? I am hosting a blogging productivity challenge in my Facebook group and you are more than welcome to join but I wanted to break it down in this blog post so that you can learn how to be […]

Boost Your Productivity With These 5 Steps

TweetShareSharePinIs it okay if I publish two blog posts in one month and then seven blog posts the next month? How much does consistency really matter? What does it mean to be consistent when it comes to my blog? A few of questions that have been coming up recently about blogging. If you have been […]

What Does Consistency Mean as a Blogger?

TweetShareSharePinSEO The thing all bloggers want to know and what all of us strive to perfect. SEO is key to building a strong blog and website. It is the key that helps to build it all up but that means that it can be super confusing and hard to know what you should truly focus […]

Your SEO Checklist For Blogging

TweetShareSharePinAlready week three of February Fundamentals. That just doesn’t seem possible. However, I will admit that I am behind this week. I have only now started posting for week three because I have lost all motivation to do anything. Not sure if it is the full moon that is messing with me or a new […]

Fundamentals of Blogging: Focusing on Your Content

TweetShareSharePinIt is the end of week two already for February Fundamentals. I have been having so much fun sharing all the knowledge in my Facebook group, Becoming the Blogger Within. Last week we covered five key pieces to your blogging foundation. For a look back on what we talked about, grab the blog post. This […]

Fundamentals of Blogging: Focusing on Your Niche

TweetShareSharePinFor the month of February, in my Facebook group, we are doing February Fundamentals. This means that each week we are covering a different fundamental of blogging for a total of five blogging fundamentals. I am taking it even further than that. Every day, we are breaking down the weekly fundamentals even more. This blog […]

Fundamentals of Blogging: Focusing on the Foundation

TweetShareSharePinI talk about blogging a lot. I love it! It is something that I think every person should be doing. Whether for personal reasons or business reasons, blogging is a great way to communicate online. If you are new here, a little bit about my blogging story. I started blogging in 2014 as a way […]

The Who, What, How & Whys of Blogging

TweetShareSharePinCloth diaper business. Life coaching business. Subscription box business. Freelancing business. Blog coaching business. Throughout the years, I have tried multiple small business ideas. I love being creative and letting my creativity run wild. I am a big believer in going with the flow. When I get an idea, I go with it. I am […]

Blogging For Your Small Business